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> Workers Face Termination After Strike Protest at Jordan Steel Factory

Workers Face Termination After Strike Protest at Jordan Steel Factory

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Workers Face Termination After Strike Protest at Jordan Steel Factory
Jodan Labor Watch - 
In Zarqa Governorate, workers at a steel factory were abruptly terminated following their strike on Monday morning. The termination of 32 employees occurred without prior notice, sparked by their protest to defend their colleagues' rights.

One of the terminated workers reported that the factory's manager met with the workers' representatives and handed them their termination letters, alleging that they had instigated other employees to participate in the protest.

However, the workers strongly refuted this claim, asserting that the main reason for their termination was their active participation in the strike, not reaching the early retirement age as mentioned in the termination letters. They have gathered in front of the Al-Hashemiya Provincial in Zarqa to protest their dismissals.

The Jordanian Labor Watch obtained a copy of the termination letter, which also stated that some workers were let go because they reached the early retirement age after ten years of working in hazardous occupations. Additionally, the factory expressed its intention to hire new workers from the local market to address unemployment rates.

Among the issues raised by the workers are long-standing problems with the company, including delayed monthly paychecks, sometimes taking up to 20 days, and intermittent cancellation of health insurance, which has left many employees, particularly older ones, in dire need of coverage.

Khaled Fanatsah, the head of the General Trade Union of Workers in Mining and Metal Industries, deemed the strike illegal, citing a violation of labor law number 135 section, which requires workers to inform their employer at least 14 days before striking. Despite this, the trade union firmly opposes the company's termination of workers and views it as an arbitrary measure. They have sent a letter to the company's manager expressing their absolute refusal of these actions and demanding the immediate reinstatement of the terminated workers.

In response, the trade union has warned of potential legal actions and measures if the company persists in refusing to reinstate the workers and protect their rights.