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> Employee Complaints Raised at United Cables Company in Al-Mafraq

Employee Complaints Raised at United Cables Company in Al-Mafraq

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Employee Complaints Raised at United Cables Company in Al-Mafraq
Jordan Labor Watch - 
The employees of United Cables Industries company in Al-Mafraq have expressed their dissatisfaction with the General Trade Union of Workers in Electricity due to the delay in establishing a worker's union committee. 

The workers spoke to Jordan Labor Watch, stating that the union had previously assured them that elections for the committee would be promptly held after the Eid al-Adha holiday. However, three days have passed without any action being taken.

They expressed their frustration with the response they received from Fakhri Al-Ajarmah, the head of the syndicate, who asked them to be patient, which they found discouraging. 

As a result, the workers sought intervention from Mazen Maaitah, the head of the General Federation of Jordan Trade Unions, who promised to address the matter with the union at the earliest opportunity.

The workers emphasized their demand for the elections to be organized within a three-month timeframe. They believe that this timeline would allow them to effectively advocate for their rights and expressed concerns that the delay in conducting the elections puts their entitlements at risk. The company has been reluctant to fulfill its demands, citing the absence of a syndicate committee to represent the employees.

Furthermore, the workers made it clear that if the elections were not conducted, they would disassociate themselves from the syndicate. They have set a deadline of Monday for the elections to take place. One of the rights they are seeking is the reinstatement of annual increments, which they claim to have not received for the past four years.

Additionally, the workers are requesting the establishment of a savings fund for employees, which would allow deductions from both the company and the employees themselves. They believe that such an account would provide a secure means of saving and managing their finances.

Moreover, the company has recently downgraded its health insurance coverage, resulting in increased difficulties in accessing medical services, hospitals, and purchasing medications. The workers are facing obstacles in completing necessary procedures and obtaining the required healthcare services.