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> "Independent Municipality Workers" decides a sit-in at the end of the month

"Independent Municipality Workers" decides a sit-in at the end of the month

Phenix Center
Labor Watch - On Thursday, 30th October 2019, the Independent Trade Unions Federation for Workers in Jordan Municipalities, sent a notification to the Ministry of Local Administration to hold a sit-in in front of the Ministry to protest its failure to implement the demands of municipal employees.
First of all, the Federation demands that the municipal employees are granted an additional 25% of the basic salary as of January 1st 2020, provided that this is indicated in the budget preparation instructions for the municipalities and the joint service councils without increasing the number of working hours. Secondly, an amount of 25 dinars is fixed as a reward for each municipal and Joint Services Councils’ employee, among the remuneration allocations. Moreover, a new clause was added to the budgets that includes the contribution of municipalities and councils to the Provident Fund - in accordance with what is approved in the system after passing the legislative stages - including the provision of a sick bonus for garbage truck drivers. Also, according to the conditions stipulated by the decision of the Council of Ministers in this regard, the staff temporarily assigned to municipalities and councils should be granted permanent employment. Finally, the daily fare for staff members who have been appointed for more than a year is fixed at nine dinars, while job titles in municipalities and joint service councils should be changed only  after the issuance of job description cards.