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> 100 workers without salaries two months ago

100 workers without salaries two months ago

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100 workers without salaries two months ago
Labor Watch - Workers at Abraaj Al Arab Contracting Company complain about not paying their salaries two months ago on the pretext of declining work and poor revenues.
The employees said to Labor Watch that they did not receive salaries for the months of December and January until now, the salary delaying issue is repeated every month, and if the company pays salaries, it does not pay more than one month's salary without taking into consideration the workers' needs and living conditions.
They added that they filed a complaint to the Mafraq Labor Directorate after they read the statements of the Minister of Labor to the media, in which he said: "The period allowed for delaying salaries is not more than a week and if the salary delayed more than that the employee must submit a complaint to the Ministry of Labor to take the appropriate action," stressing that they submitted many Of the complaints in the past to the Directorate of Mafraq, but no action was taken against the company.
The number of employees in the company is estimated at about 100 workers, their salaries ranging from 220 to 500 dinars.