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General Trade Union of Workers in Petrochemicals

Phenix Center
Establishment Date: 1963
Address: Zarqa
Telephone: 0653983230
Fax: 053983235
Board: Secretary: Salem Al Shaar
Treasurer: Shaker Al-Abid
President: Khalid Zoyoud
Goals: Taking care of the interests of workers in petrol and chemicals and defending their rights, providing medical and social services for members, creating clinics, social care services and commercial facilities for them, and enhancing the social, cultural and economic level of workers in the sector, extracting liquid gases, producing robber products, manufacturing glass and mirrors, producing liquid and dry batteries.
Email: zyood.2000@yahoo.com
Telephone : 0777482982
Fax :
Address : Zarqa, Saada Street
P.O.box: 35 Zerqa